Escape from City 17 - Parts 1 & 2

In 2009, the Purchase Brothers put their creative genius together to form one of the most epic fan made fillms of all time.  Based on Half Life 2, one would think a budget of merely $500 would lead to total disaster.  Quite the opposite, however.  The videos are causing quite the stir all around the internet. 

For a movie made with "no money, no time, no crew, no script, [and] the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500", it's pretty damn impressive.  See for yourself. 

Escape from City 17:

Escape from City 17 - Part 2:


Suitcase Drone Libyian Rebels Used

Meet the freedom fighting drone that helped the Libyian Rebels have a much needed edge against the Qaddafi's men.  This bad boy, created by a Canadian team by the name of Aeryon, might look like something out of a DIY kit, but don't let its appearance fool you.  The Aeryon Scout UAV is outfitted with 4 rotors, smart navigation which uses a waypoint system (think Starcraft commands) to get from A to B, has infrared and standard cameras/lenses, and can operate within 2 miles of its handheld control device.  Check out the video of it in action below.

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Updates on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

GSC Game World has revealed some new details of STALKER 2, which is in development for PC and consoles. According to GSC, this development will not compromise to the original PC version in any way that will support Direct X 11. STALKER 2 will have more elements of survival horror on a new engine platform. GSC confirms that the PC version is the main, and keep intact the system inventory and maps. Terror will come from new areas and underground bunkers in the area between CNPP, Chernobyl and Chernobyl 2, with new types of mutants.

There will be new weapons, and removed the faction system. Is expected to launch by 2012.


How to Create an Amazing Desktop Experience with Rainmeter

Whether your goal is to make your desktop look beautiful or you want an information-rich desktop that provides constant track of your system status, RSS feeds, and other info, Rainmeter is the best tool for the job. Here's how to use Rainmeter to create an attractive, customizable heads-up display on your Windows desktop.

Windows customization app Rainmeter...

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