Guest Post: ThatDustinGuy's Acer TimelineX 5830T Review

This is our first guest post.  Special thanks to ThatDustinGuy.  See the "Affiliates" Tab above to view his two websites.

Last week, I went out and purchased a new laptop. After shopping around for a little while, I found an Acer TimelineX 5830T at my local Staple's. It looks really cool, and it has some great features on it too!

First of all, I really love the color. It's not everyday you see a blue laptop. And, blue is my favorite color, so I just had to have it. 
It's super thin, but I don't know the exact measurements. It has a 15.6" 16:9 HD LCD screen, which is plenty big enough for me. It came with Intel Core i3-2310M (whatever that is! haha) and it has 4 gigs of memory and a 640 GB hard drive. The 6-cell Li-ion battery is supposed to get over 8 hours of use, but I haven't really tested out how long it really lasts. However, it has PowerSmart, which is supposed to extend the battery life. 
Okay, now that we've covered the specs, let's get on with the features!

The keyboard is really nice on this laptop. The keys are raised above the dropped-down area beneath them, so typing is easier than on other laptops I've used. It also has the numeric keypad which is excellent. The only problems I have with the keyboard is the space button. I haven't really gotten used to it yet, and the space button requires more pressure than the other keys, so I'm having to train myself to use it. Another thing that I'm having to adjust to is the mouse pad. When I learned to type back in elementary school, I developed this weird habit of using my left hand to hit keys like Y, H, B, and others. And when I do that on this laptop, I usually hit the mouse pad with my left palm, which messes up the typing. But that's just a personal problem! 

Above the keyboard, there is a speaker that runs the entire width of the computer. It's Dolby, and is apparently tuned by professionals. It sounds pretty good, but I haven't really tested to see how loud it will get for fear of busting the speakers. However, at 75% volume, it's plenty loud enough. 

Next to the speaker, there is a P button, and the lights that note Caps Lock and Num Lock. The P button can be easily programmed to open a program, web page, document, etc once pressed. I currently have mine set to open Google Chrome, so the internet is always one button away. I like this key a lot!

On the left side of the laptop, you have an Ethernet plug, a place to attach a projector, an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port (which I know nothing about), and mic and headphone jacks. 

If you flip it over to the right side, you'll see the charger port (not shown in the photo) the CD/DVD drive, and 3 USB 2.0 ports. Pretty basic stuff...

On the front, you'll find a media card slot, which accepts a multitude of cards, a battery button that displays different colors that represent battery life, and when pressed, turn on/off the PowerSmart function. 

The webcam that's built in seems to be really nice, too!

Above is a photo taken with the webcam, and below is a video.

(I sound retarded in that video. ugh)

Anyways, yeah, that's pretty much all the basics about the Acer TimelineX 5830T laptop that I got. To me, it's a good laptop. But then again, I just use it mainly for the web. What do you guys think of it??


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