New Forums: The Nerd Lounge

I am pleased to announce the opening of our new forums: The Nerd Lounge.

The idea of starting The Nerd Lounge is to create a place where everyone can share information with each other.  As much as I enjoy sharing information with each of you, I find it much more beneficial to open up a dialogue with everyone.

*In addition, we will be opening up the homepage shortly, where user submitted stories and write-ups will make the constantly updated Front Page content.

We look forward to having each an every one of you swing by and strike up a conversation about anything.

URL:  http://www.thenerdlounge.com/Forum/


I saw you are hosting a contest for a new logo. Can anyone enter? Or is it only for certain friends/followers?

yea I think I saw that its open to anyone who signs up... and you can win a free t-shirt too lol.

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