Learning C++

What my nightmares of Programming looked like.
  For some time now, I've been brainstorming with a few friends over a project about [redacted].  It's very interesting.  It involves [redacted] and [redacted] to create a never before seen [redacted].  But it's very secret, so I probably shouldn't say anything else about it.  However, what I can discuss is that it involves programming.

To me, a business man by trade and technophile by interest, programming was always that foreign language spoken between nerdy shuttins and their binary better halves.  Programming was simply a part of life that was commissioned by businessmen (me) and performed by geeks (them).  That was all there was to it...  until this project was born.  You see, while this project requires a fair bit of programming, it seems that it is not important enough to garner the attention of the Software businesses we have approached.  So, after a fair bit of discussion with my colleagues, it's been decided that we will embark into the unknown.  We are going to learn to program.  As one of the colleagues put it, "Some people learn Spanish.  We are just going to learn a different kind of language." 

And so, while this site is truly dedicated to the best of today's technology, I will have an ongoing series entited "Learning C++" in which I document key parts of my journey into the technical abyss. 

Finally, I am a very firm believer in an open line of communication.  If you have any comments, concerns, or helpful insights, please be sure to include your input below.


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