Arstechnica always has top-notch articles involving the today's key technology from around the world.  Today, they released an extremely interesting article involving "... the most menacing malware in history..." ; Stuxnet.  

For those of you who don't know, Stuxnet was (and still is) a Microsoft based worm discovered in mid 2010.  Its sole purpose was to penetrate and gain access to industrial software and equipment.  Primarily, this worm's main objective was the nuclear facilities based in Iran.  

In the article titled "How digital detectives deciphered Stuxnet, the most menacing malware in history," Kim Zetter covers both the history and the findings amidst the aftermath of Stuxnet.  What is superbly interesting about all this is the fact that most of the evidence points to the culprits, or those who created the Stuxnet, as being either American or Israeli.  In fact, it is highly believed that there was some sort of collaboration between the US and Israel as a means to covertly sabotage Iran's uranium enrichment, which would set them further back from attaining nuclear capability.  For more of the conspiracy side of things, read this article from cbsnews: "Iran blames US, Israel for Stuxnet malware."

To read the article for yourself, click the article title above.


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